Subsidiary Agreement Translate

For permission to translate a book chapter or newspaper article, please visit our authorization pages for instructions to submit a request. It is our policy of sub-treating directly with a foreign language publishing house when licensing a translated edition. The foreign language publisher enters into direct agreements with the translator of its choice and SAGE does not participate in this agreement. If you want to translate a book as an independent translator, we advise you: every year, the SAGE Foreign Rights team goes to the London Book Fair, the Beijing Book Fair and the Frankfurt Book Fair. If you would like to make an appointment or have a question about our program, contact You can also browse our annual translation rights catalogs to find title recommendations in any field. Please send all requests for reprint, audio, tv/film, series and book club rights to: Claire Louise Harper, Rights and Licensing Manager Email: For any translation requests, please contact our foreign rights team at Please note that we only accept requests for advice from publishers and agencies.