Saaq Reciprocal Agreement

Quebec has such a mutual agreement with the State of New York. Instead, Quebec has its own reciprocal information exchange agreements with Ontario, Maine and New York – if you have a license from these locations, your Quebec tickets will be added to your registration. You don`t always know what to expect when you travel out of the province. Road signs are often different from ours, as is the way their roads are laid out. It`s easy to get lost, accidentally break a law, and then get a ticket. If this happens, you should pay the fine before the return? What should you do if you receive the fine in the mail? What will happen if you don`t pay? Here`s what to do. If you drive a rental vehicle it is of course your responsibility to pay for all the tickets you receive in possession of the rental vehicle. The rules for the payment of fines are usually laid down in the contract. As they can vary from one owner to another, take the time to read them. If a police officer gives you a ticket, it is best to pay for it as soon as possible before leaving that country or province.

Not only will you leave calmly, but you will end up not paying more money, such as.B. administrative fees. But it is still possible that your offense will be recorded by the photo radar. If this happens, you will receive my ticket a few weeks after you return home. Normally, it is the municipal administration of the city where the offence occurred that sends you the fine as soon as it receives your address from the rental agency. You have about 30 to 60 days to pay for it. The terms of payment are indicated in the notification letter. Sometimes the rental agency sends the driver a letter with a copy of the fine plus the administrative fee. If you do not pay the fine, the Agency will charge this amount to the credit card you indicated when renting the vehicle. This can be done several months after the return of the vehicle. If you think you are not guilty, you should consider challenging the fine twice.

First of all, you should definitely go there to defend your case or challenge the decision. This complicates things, both financially and physically. In addition, you must prove that you did not commit the offence of which they are accused. It may be even more difficult to find witnesses or photos to support your claim. If you drive a vehicle with the redemption plan In this case, you are temporarily the owner of the vehicle, which means that you are responsible for all the tickets you receive while the vehicle belongs to you. When the company registering the vehicle receives a criminal complaint, it usually forwards it to the customer concerned….